Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just when ya think things can't get any more bizarre...

I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would catch everyone up to date...
I've been living out of hotel rooms for about the last two weeks or so (Katie, I know youv'e got a few weeks on me) ... first in So. Cal...Brad, me, Travis & Trevor went down to Laguna Beach for my nieces wedding. Amber stayed behind because she was in the middle of the production of Beauty and the Beast. Megan was already down there...she moved back in May. She's experiencing living on her own. We miss her lots...but are very proud of her wanting to be independant, especially in So.. Cal where it is sooo costly to live!!! Other commitments kept Dallin home wiith Amber.
Brad and the boys were the video crew at the wedding and I was all wrapped up in six heads of hair... cute girls...(especially my Megan!)
We were home for 1 day (to do laundry) then me & Brad took off for Kansas! yep, Kansas...and for all of you that have asked...yes, there is corn everywhere in Kansas! There is corn even in the front yards of new developing homes! It's kinda funny...we get weeds, people in Kansas get corn stalks!
Brad has taken work at Irwin Army Hospital at Fort Riley as staff psychologist. We don't know how long he'll be there...I hope not long! Comuting to L.A. is a piece of cake compared to this. He will have to do all his flying out of Kansas City, Missouri which is about 2 hours east of the army post! I think he'll be spending some time in Missouri at the church's historical site. He loves all that church history!
Brad's little apt. won't be ready until Thursday, the 23rd (Travis & Trevor's 18th b-day), which is kind of a bummer because I fly back to Utah this Sunday the 19th. Looks like he'll be "setting up house" all by himself =(
Well....that's about it for now. As soon as I get home and get Amber back in school, I'll take the time to figure out how to post pictures. I have some cute one's to share!
Have a good day everyone...Tata from Kansas!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Facing Our Fears

If you have been out of your house in Alpine or it's surrounding areas, you probably have noticed that Alpine Community Theater has been advertising for the upcoming summer production of Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

A day and a half before the auditions, (and at 10:00 PM!) my 12 year old daughter comes waltzing in and announces that she is going to the auditions to land a part in the play. One of the requirements is to have at least 16 bars of a song from a musical of her choice prepared to sing in front of the judges.

Having done a little performing of my own, I immediately think to myself... there is no way she can get herself ready for an audition at this late notice! I mean... this would be her first real experience (she's done school stuff and church stuff), but this was a fairly large production, and not to mention...the compition would be stiff! How do I communicate this to her without discourageing her...she was soooo excited!

It is now 10:30 PM, and I find myself downstairs in the music room digging through all my old music, looking for the right piece of music for her to learn and perform in
about....oh....15 hours!

She shows up to her audition, music in hand, and all the way there I'm giving her the "what ever happens, this will be a great learning experience" speech, just praying that it will be a positive first experience.

She marches up to the check-in table, signs in, fills out her paper work and has her picture taken. She then proceeds to the "warm-up" room. The pianist calls her down and asks her to run through her song (in front of about a dozen people). Now keep in mind, this child has never sung in front of anyone, including her family.

She proceeds to the piano, music in hand, the pianist gives her the intro to the song..........nothing. She looks at the pianist, looks at me in the audience, back at the pianist.........eyes well up, and out the door she goes! So much for a first possitive experience!!!

Two days later...the phone rings. They want her to come back to sing for them. She declines and hangs up the phone. Unaware of the phone call she had just ended...she finds me out in the flower bed, attending to my newly planted beauties, and asks me if she did the right other words, she's having second thoughts about declining the invitation. I told her, it would have to be her decision, but I thought she should "get back on the horse"!

She stewed for 2 hours, all the time holding the telephone in her hand. Finally, she made the phone call, all by herself, and landed another opportunity to audition the next day after school.

I was down in Ephraim, Ut. with her Dad on business, when I recieved a phone call.........I picked up, and the first words I heard...Mom, I DID IT!.... and then a wooo hooo! She was so proud of herself for "climbing back on that horse". I was pretty proud of her too!

This is the best part....She landed a part!!! Not a huge part, but a part. Not so bad for a first timer, huh!

I guess there is a lesson to be learned here...don't ever tell someone "it can't be done", especially Amber...cuz it can!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Here goes nothing! I know some people that have these things called blogs. Now to a 40 something person that doesn't mean a whole lot...until I started reading my cousin's blog, then I caught on. She said...get one! I thought to myself, why would I want a blog and why would anyone want to even read this "blog"?
Well, here it is. Nothing to read yet, but I had to post something! Keep checking, I'm sure something interesting will pop up soon. It usually does!